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Harry Dember (born July 11, 1882 in Leimbach , † March 22, 1943 in New Brunswick , New Jersey ) was a German physicist .


Dember was a graduate of the Mansfeld high school. He studied physics at the University of Berlin, at the TH Göttingen and worked as an assistant at the Technical University of Dresden . The doctorate took place in Berlin in 1906, the habilitation under Wilhelm Hallwachs in 1909 in Dresden. From 1909 he was a private lecturer under Hallwachs and associate professor. In 1914 he went on a research trip to Tenerife. Due to the outbreak of war he could not leave the island until 1918.

In 1923 he was appointed full professor of physics at the Dresden University of Technology, succeeding Hallwachs. As early as 1933 , the National Socialists forced him to leave the university because Dember was of Jewish descent. In 1939 his house in Altenberg was forcibly sold.

Dember then emigrated with his family to Turkey and became a professor at Istanbul University . In 1942 he traveled on to the USA, was given a teaching position at Brunswick University and died in Brunswick in 1943.

Dember was friends with Victor Klemperer . His person as well as his scientific achievements are honored with the Dember Prize at the TU Dresden; a street in Dresden's Omsewitz district bears his name.


Dember is the discoverer of the crystal photo effect , which is also called the Dember effect after him and whose most famous application is the solar cell . In 1916 he determined the Loschmidt number with an error of 7%, which was small for the time.

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