Harry Tavitian

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Harry Tavitian

Harry Tavitian (* 1952 in Constanța , Romania as Hari Tavitian ) is a Romanian jazz pianist and composer .

Live and act

Tavitian gave his first concert at the age of ten. In Brașov and Bucharest he studied classical piano up to the final concert diploma. The encounter with the blues musician Memphis Slim meant that he also dealt pianistically with the history of jazz . In 1976 he founded the jazz band Creativ , but was also active in the field of classical music until 1978. In 1981 began a long-term collaboration with percussionist Corneliu Stroe as a duo; together they recorded the albums Transilvanian Suite (1985) and Creatinuea (1988). With Hans Kumpfand Reinhart Hammerschmidt followed in 1988 by East-West Creative Combinations . In 1990 he began to work in a duo with Anatoly Vapirov , with whom he a. a. toured Bulgaria, Italy and France. Then he was active with Ivo Papasov's Black Sea Orchestra (album of the same name in 1998) and with his octet Orient Express . He was also on tour with the Rova Saxophone Quartet and with Hans Kumpf and Jürg Solothurnmann (1995). He was also on tour in Central Europe with his own groups such as his Trio or Orient Express ; In 2002 he performed at Jazz Ost-West in Nuremberg. He also worked with Johnny Răducanu , Wolfgang Puschnig and Floros Floridis .

Tavitian has been working increasingly as a stage composer since the mid-1990s. Elements of Armenian and Romanian music go into his music.

Discographic notes

  • Horizons (1980-1984)
  • There's Always Hope (1993)
  • Axis Mundi (1999)

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