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Hartmut Schoen (* 1951 in Heidenheim an der Brenz , grew up in the Black Forest) is a German film director , screenwriter and producer. He writes and produces his films himself.


Hartmut Schoen studied in Mainz and Eindhoven, graduating in 1980. Since 1978 he has been an author, director and producer. He began making short documentaries while studying political science, journalism and public law. After his studies, he did an internship at a regional broadcaster in an after-work magazine, worked in a newsroom and then at ZDF-Länderspiegel.

He made his first short film about the home occupant and aircraft manufacturer Gustav Mesmer , for which he received the Federal Film Prize.

He then produced lengthy reports and documentaries for ZDF and ARD. Hartmut Schoen's documentary entitled Beyond the Shadow Line was a portrait of the Vietnam veteran Larry Powell from Bowling Green. Hartmut Schoen then switched to fictional films.

His first scenic story was written on behalf of the SWF and the editor Susan Schulte , whom he still sees as his mentor to this day.

His first feature film was The Last Guest with Karin Baal in the lead role. The film tells the story of " a bankruptcy trustee of a bankrupt, former luxury hotel, who makes a fantastic life of her own within the magnificent walls of this hotel, but does not notice how she succumbs to the hatred of the village and ultimately falls victim to the vengeance of its residents ."

Hartmut Schoen lives on Lake Constance.


The thematic niche of Hartmut Schoen's feature films “is filled with marginal characters, the village dump in Vom Kissing and Flying ( Felix Eitner ), the staid, abysmal lifeguard couple in Warten is death ( Barbara Auer and Ulrich Tukur ), the bigot Russian Germans in the carrot (Ivan Shvedoff), the lonely Mr. Müller in Der Grenzer und das Mädchen ( Axel Prahl ), the piano teacher ( Iris Berben ), who was excluded from the neighbors because of her drunkenness, and the loser and Plastefuger ( Heino Ferch ) in Die Mauer . " According to Schoen, these are the characters that appeal to him, "they are somehow harmless, but on closer inspection they are human, cleverly understandable, imaginative, often wild, always full of fantasy and love for life."


Feature films


  • 1981: Gustav Mesmer - The Aviator
  • 1983: Gustav Mesmer's dream of flying
  • 1983: Life in the concrete city
  • 1984: Grafeneck - The time of life
  • 1984: Goodbye to the Black Forest
  • 1985: The closer you are
  • 1987: The Potse
  • 1987: If not now, then when?
  • 1987: Phantom fever
  • 1994: The Bounty's logbook
  • 1991: anger, courage and above all music
  • 1990: Trilogy of Past Dreams I - Los Angeles - The Dead Zone
  • 1990: Past Dreams Trilogy II - Florida - The Orgy
  • 1990: Trilogy of Past Dreams III - Alabama - A Love Story
  • 1990: The Hobo Adventure
  • 1990: cold, murder and perestroika
  • 1989: record attempt
  • 1989: From the Orient to the Kingdom of the Sun Goddess: China
  • 1994: Border Crossing I - Beyond the Shadow Border
  • 1994: Border Crossing II - Beyond the Pain Limit
  • 1994: Border Crossing III - Beyond the Shame Line
  • 1997: raging passion


Awards for feature films

  • 2007 for: "The Wall - Berlin '61"
Emmy Award 2007, finalist
Prix ​​Europa 2007
Int. TV Award (Silver Olive), Montenegro 2006
International Television Broadcasting Award 2008
World Medal
  • 2004 for: The border guard and the girl:
European CIVIS TV Award 2005
Rencontres Int. de Television 2006: Best Screenplay
  • 2004 for: Carrot
Adolf Grimme Prize 2004
Adolf Grimme Prize 2000
Bavarian TV Prize 2000
German television award 2000

Awards documentaries

  • 1995 for: Border Crossing I - Beyond the Shadow Border
Adolf Grimme Prize
  • 1991 for: Cold, Murder and Perestroika:
Bavarian television award
  • 1991 for: Trilogy of Past Dreams III
Alabama - A Love Story:
Adolf Grimme Prize with silver (together with Carl-Franz Hutterer )
  • 1988 for: Phantom Fever
Adolf Grimme Prize with gold (together with Carl-Franz Hutterer and Dieter Zimmer )
  • 1984 for: Goodbye to the Black Forest
European Community Environmental Film Prize
  • 1984 for Grafeneck - The time of life
Nomination Prix Italia 1984

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