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Heinz Lüneburg (1972)

Heinrich "Heinz" Lüneburg (born March 30, 1935 in Bonn ; † January 19, 2009 in Kaiserslautern ) was a German mathematician who dealt with combinatorics, geometry and algebra.

Lüneburg received his doctorate in 1962 at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt under Reinhold Baer (and Ruth Moufang ) ( Affine Hjelmslevebenen with transitive translation group. Mathematische Zeitschrift Volume 79, 1962, p. 260). In 1963 he went to the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz , where he completed his habilitation in 1964. From 1970 he was a professor at the then newly founded University of Kaiserslautern , where he helped to build up the mathematics department. He turned down an offer to Bayreuth in 1975. In 2003 he retired.

Among other things, Lüneburg dealt with finite geometries, which he examined using group-theoretical methods. For example, in 1964 he proved that finite projective planes of order with collineation group (automorphism group) , where the power of a prime number is, are Desargues planes. He also examined projective planes with the simple finite Suzuki groups as collineation groups (Abhandlungen Math.Seminar Hamburg 1965). Later his interests shifted to algorithmic algebra and the history of mathematics.

His work on the history of mathematics emerged from the intensive study of primary sources ( Leonardo da Pisa , Cardano , Tartaglia ) with a pronounced curiosity at the same time for linguistic, chronological and cultural-historical details, which can also be found in the style of presentation in the form of countless digressions, digressions and woven personal observations. His book on the Liber Abbaci of Leonardo da Pisa, while in itself expressly declared by him only as a document of its mathematical "reading pleasure" without claim to historical science, is in the impartiality and accuracy of the analysis of the text makes it unique in Leonardoforschung and the most important German-language contribution in this area.


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