Bright aphid hover fly

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Bright aphid hover fly
Light aphid hover fly (Parasyrphus annulatus)

Light aphid hover fly ( Parasyrphus annulatus )

Class : Insects (Insecta)
Order : Fly (Diptera)
Subordination : Flies (Brachycera)
Family : Hoverflies (Syrphidae)
Genre : Parasyrphus
Type : Bright aphid hover fly
Scientific name
Parasyrphus annulatus
( Zetterstedt , 1838)
The flat abdomen is easy to see here

The light aphid hover fly ( Parasyrphus annulatus ) is a fly from the family of the hover flies (Syrphidae). She is a wanderer.


The fly reaches a body length of 7 to 9 millimeters. The third antenna element is yellowish on the underside, otherwise the antennae are dark. The compound eyes are hairless and there is a central welt on the yellow face. The female has a darker forehead with yellow side spots. The mesonotum appears metallic and is black-green in color and hairy yellow. The scutellum has a yellowish color. The abdomen is black and has two yellow side spots on the second segment. On the third and fourth segments are yellow bands notched in the middle. The rails ( tibia ) and tarsi of the front and middle Beipaare are yellow. The light aphid hover fly can easily be confused with the dark aphid hover fly ( Parasyrphus lineolus ), which is more likely to be found in the mountains and has dark antennae.


The light aphid hover fly is common in Europe and northern Asia. It mostly prefers coniferous forest, there in places often along forest aisles, forest paths and forests, on the plains and in the mountains. Your flight time is from May to September with a peak in July / August.

Way of life

The adults are flower visitors and feed on nectar and pollen of herbaceous plants such as ground elder , creeping buttercup and cypress milkweed . The larvae feed zoophag of aphids and larvae and eggs of other insects. They overwinter in the litter of spruce trees.


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