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Helmut Neuss (1968)

Helmut Neuss (born March 12, 1908 in Wetzlar ; † July 21, 2009 ) was a German naval officer , most recently rear admiral in the German Navy .


Reich and Kriegsmarine

Helmut Neuss joined the Reichsmarine in 1926 . After his officer training, he served, among other things, as a commander on clearing and torpedo boats , including on the torpedo boat Tiger , which sank on August 25, 1939 after a collision with the destroyer Z 3 Max Schultz . At the beginning of the Second World War he was 2nd artillery officer on the heavy cruiser Blücher .

As a lieutenant captain , he was in the 5th torpedo boat flotilla commander of the torpedo boat Möwe from March 1940 and took part in the " Operation Weser Exercise ". He then became the sole chief of the briefly existing 7th torpedo boat flotilla and later admiral staff officer of the operations department of the naval war command . From July 1944 he was the commander of the destroyer Z 28 on behalf of Heinrich Gerlach. From September 1944 until the end of the war he was the frigate captain and commander of the destroyer Z 4 Richard Beitzen .

post war period

Neuss became a prisoner of war in Norway in 1945 , but soon returned to Germany to serve in the German mine clearance service as head of the 4th mine clearance division. After completing his activity there, he became head of an office of the Waterways and Shipping Directorate in Rhineland-Palatinate . He then became a sales manager in a company.

Federal Navy

In 1956 he joined the new German Navy and became chief of staff at the Baltic Sea Section Command . As a flotilla admiral , he was then deputy commander of the fleet . In his last employment he was until his retirement at the end of March 1968 as Rear Admiral Commander in the Territorialkommando Schleswig-Holstein and German Plenipotentiary in the NATO area Northern Europe ( Allied Forces Northern Europe (AFNORTH) ).

From 1969 he was for the German subsidiary of the American banking firm Bache & Co. operates. Helmut Neuss passed the exams for securities trading on the New York Stock Exchange .

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