Allied Forces Northern Europe

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Allied Forces Northern Europe (AFNORTH)

Coat of arms of Allied Forces Northern Europe.svg
active 1952 to 1994
Type Flag of NATO.svg NATO command area
Insinuation SHAPE
Seat Kolsås leir military base near Bærum , Norway

The Allied Forces Northern Europe ( AFNORTH ; German  Allied Armed Forces Northern Europe ) was a NATO command area for Northern Europe with headquarters in Oslo and from 1954 to 1994 in Kolsås near Bærum , Norway .


AFNORTH was established in 1952. After the end of the Cold War , AFNORTH was integrated into the new command area Allied Forces Northwestern Europe (Allied Forces Europe Northwest; AFNORTHWEST) in 1994 .

The area of ​​responsibility of Allied Forces Northern Europe included the states of Denmark and Norway , as well as the states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein . This also included the areas of the North Sea , Skagerrak , Kattegat and the Baltic Sea with Belten and Sund .

The commanders were most recently officers of the rank of general or admiral from the United Kingdom.

The acronym AFNORTH was used from 2000 to 2004 to designate a NATO command authority, Regional Command Allied Forces North Europe , later the Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum .

Structure 1953

  • NATO Regional Command for Northern Europe (AFNORTH) with headquarters in Oslo, Norway
    • Allied Land Forces Norway command authority in Oslo
    • Allied Land Forces Denmark command authority in Copenhagen
    • Allied Air Forces Northern Europe Command Authority in Sandvika
    • Allied Naval Forces Northern Europe command authority in Oslo

Structure 1962-1993

Allied Forces Northern Europe structure 1989 (click to enlarge)
  • NATO Regional Command for Northern Europe (AFNORTH) with headquarters in Kolsås, Norway
    • Command authority Allied Forces Baltic Approaches (BALTAP; dt .: Allied command Baltic Approaches) with headquarters in Karup , Denmark
    • Command authority Allied Command South Norway (SONOR; Allied Command Norway), with headquarters in Stavanger and
    • Command authority Allied Command North Norway (NON; Allied Command Northern Norway), with headquarters in Bodo .

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