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Basic data
Greater Region: North china
Province : Hebei
Status: district-free city
Subdivision: 1 city district, 2 independent cities, 8 districts
Residents : 4,453,100 (2016)
Area : 8,815 km²
Hengshui in Hebei Province
City Hall in Hengshui
Hengshui University

Hengshui ( Chinese  衡水 市 , Pinyin Héngshuǐ Shì ) is a district-free city in the Chinese province of Hebei . It has the license plate 冀 T. The administrative area of ​​Hengshui has an area of ​​8,815 km² and about 4.45 million inhabitants (end of 2016). 389,447 people live in the actual urban settlement area of ​​Hengshui (2010 census).

Administrative structure

At the county level, Hengshui consists of a city district (Shìxiá ), eight districts ( Xiàn ) and two independent cities (Xiànjí shì ). These are:

  • Taocheng district (桃城区 Táochéng Qū), 590 km², 440,000 inhabitants, city center, seat of the city government;
  • Zaoqiang district (枣强县 Zǎoqiáng Xiàn), 903 km², 380,000 inhabitants, main town: Zaoqiang municipality (枣强 镇);
  • Wuyi district (武邑 县 Wǔyì Xiàn), 830 km², 310,000 inhabitants, main town: Wuyi municipality (武邑 镇);
  • Circle Wuqiang (武强县Wǔqiáng Xiàn), km² 442, population 210,000, capital: greater community Wuqiang (武强镇);
  • Raoyang district (饶阳县 Ráoyáng Xiàn), 573 km², 290,000 inhabitants, capital: Raoyang municipality (饶阳 镇);
  • Anping district (安平县 Ānpíng Xiàn), 493 km², 310,000 inhabitants, capital: Anping municipality (安平 镇);
  • Gucheng district (故城县 Gùchéng Xiàn), 941 km², 470,000 inhabitants, main town: Zhengkou municipality (郑 口镇);
  • Jing County (景县 Jǐng Xiàn), 1,183 km², 500,000 inhabitants, capital: Jingzhou Municipality (景 州镇);
  • Fucheng district (阜城 县 Fùchéng Xiàn), 698 km², 320,000 inhabitants, main town: Fucheng municipality (阜 城镇);
  • City of Jizhou (冀州 市 Jìzhōu Shì), 918 km², 360,000 inhabitants;
  • City of Shenzhou (深 州市 Shēnzhōu Shì), 1,244 km², 560,000 inhabitants.

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Coordinates: 37 ° 44 '  N , 115 ° 42'  E