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Henry Phelps Brown ( Ernest Henry Phelps Brown ; born February 10, 1906 in Calne ( North Wiltshire ), † December 15, 1994 in Oxford ) was an English labor economist and economic historian .

After studying modern history and the Oxford- specific course PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics) , he became a Fellow at New College in Oxford (1930-1947). He then taught as Professor of Labor Economics ( Economics of Labor ) at the London School of Economics (1947–1968). His scientific interest was in the economic and social factors that determine the size and distribution of income in space and time. For their investigation he used historical-statistical and comparative methods. He also looked at the historical development of British industrial relations and their institutions.

In 1960 he became a member ( fellow ) of the British Academy . In 1970 he was elected President of the Royal Economic Society . From the late 1950s he was a member of several government commissions under various governments, partly as its chairman ( Council on Prices, Productivity and Incomes - National Economic Development Council - Royal Commission on Income and Wealth ).

After his early retirement, he returned to Oxford, where he continued to devote himself to his academic work.


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