Rugrats - The Film

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German title Rugrats - The Film
Original title Rugrats - The Movie
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1998
length 79 minutes
Age rating FSK o. A.
Director Norton Virgien ,
Igor Kovaljov
script David N. Weiss
production Gabor Csupo ,
Arlene Klasky
music Mark Mothersbaugh
cut Kimberly Rettberg ,
John Bryant

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Rugrats in Paris - The Film

Rugrats - The Film is a 1998 American adventure film produced by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies . The film was based on the Nickelodeon series Rugrats .

After the commercial flops of 20th Century Fox and the parallel success story of Paramount Pictures, Rugrats - The Film was completely implemented as an animated film .

The sequel to Rugrats in Paris - The film opened after the success of the first part in 2001. The third part, The Rugrats on the move , started in cinemas on February 12, 2004.


The Pickles family has offspring. The oldest son to date, Tommy, is not at all enthusiastic about having to share his parents with someone. Together with his friends Lil and Phil Deville, who also have little time for a small screamer, he wants to bring little Dylan back to the hospital from where mother Charlotte brought him. On the way there, the children get lost and end up in a dark and eerie forest. An adventurous journey begins, which with a lot of luck you will survive unscathed and get back to your parents.


After Rugrats - The Film opened in theaters on November 20, 1998, it was able to gross over 140 million US dollars worldwide with a production budget of 24 million US dollars. It started in Germany on May 13, 1999, was seen by fewer than 100,000 moviegoers and has been available on VHS ever since .


The lexicon of international films described Rugrats - Der Film as "a pure entertainment film that takes the relevant needs of its target group seriously and is sometimes quite amusing even for adults".

The film magazine Cinema rated the film negatively: “The animated scenes are too coarse, the baby voices too squeaky, the song interludes too intrusive.” The film lacks the “philosophical wit of the Peanuts and the cynicism of the Simpsons so popular with adults ”.

The SWR wrote in the cinema tip, "The sayings of the big-boob kids and their songs are not funny, but rather caustic". Her adventures are "disappointing not only in terms of the story and the gags, but also in terms of the drawings".


figure Original speaker German speaker
Chuckie Finster Christine Cavanaugh Eva Michaelis
Tommy Pickels Elizabeth Daily Angela Quast
Lil Deville Kath Soucie Micaëla Kreißler
Phil Deville Kath Soucie Reinhilt Schneider
Didi Pickles Melanie Chartoff Katja Brugger
Howard DeVille Phil Proctor
Susie Carmichael Cree Summer Daniela Reidies
Aunt Miriam Andrea Martin
Chas Dark Michael Bell Oliver Reinhard
Drew Pickles Michael Bell Achim Schülke
Charlotte Pickles Tress MacNaille Isabella Grothe
Stuart 'Stu' pickles Jack Riley Wolf Frass
Grandpa Lou Michaels Joe Alaskey Wolf Rahtjen
Angelica Pickels Cheryl Chase Monika Barth

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