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Memorial stone on Herbert-Pohl-Weg between Wernigerode and Elbingerode

The Herbert-Pohl-Weg is a hiking trail south-east of the district of Hasserode in the Harz in Saxony-Anhalt, which belongs to the city of Wernigerode .

Geographical location

It is about five kilometers long and connects Wernigerode with the Zillierbachtalsperre and the Elbingerode part of the town of Oberharz am Brocken . It starts in the Cold Valley below the Armeleuteberg . From here it leads partly only as a steep path away from the forest roads on the shortest route to the dam of the Zillierbachtalsperre. On the opposite side of the valley is the Peterstein , which is included in the system of stamping points of the Harz hiking pin.

The Herbert-Pohl-Weg is part of the Harz crossing.


The name of the path recalls Herbert Pohl from Wernigerode, who was born in 1910 and died in 1993 at the age of 83. He campaigned for popular sport in the Wernigerode district and initiated the Harz mountain range in the German Democratic Republic in 1978 . He was also the founder of the Harz Crossing , which was first carried out in 1980 and started for the 39th time in 2018. Immediately after the fall of the Wall in the GDR, he was one of the co-founders of the Wernigerode section of the German Alpine Club , of which he was first chairman until his death. He was also open to the re-establishment of the Wernigerode branch of the Harz Club.

Two years after his death, the city council of Wernigerode named one of the idyllic Harz trails that he rediscovered and signposted it accordingly from the Harz Club . Furthermore, on the occasion of the 30th Harz mountain run in 2007, a Harz boulder at the edge of the path in the Runden Bruch was redesigned into a memorial stone for Herbert Pohl and provided with an inscription.


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