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Herbert Hisel (born June 22, 1927 in Nuremberg , † September 21, 1982 near Toronto , Canada ) was the best-known Franconian humorist in the 1960s and 1970s . The affirmation “Jou wergli” was his trademark. His lectures, peppered with comedy and wit in the Nuremberg dialect, earned the speech artist three gold records .


Hisel became the talk of the town in 1953 with his first appearance as a handmade paper speaker. The pitfalls of a mimed "folding boat driver" were to inspire the foolish audience years later. Hisel studied mechanical engineering and was employed as an engineer at Grundig AG , where he worked as a department manager at the Nuremberg-Langwasser plant . Here he noted gossip and everyday occurrences in the microcosm of a global company. In his spare time he appeared as a comedian. He told “Gschichtla” at company and Christmas parties, at club parties and in the beer tent. He became known at performances at the Nuremberg fair and also in the Fürth Geismannsaal . These dates got out of hand. In 1961, he gave up his department head post and decided to go through life as a professional comedian.

Herbert Hisel let himself become president of the Elferrat of the “ Nürnberger Trichter Karnevalsgesellschaft e. V. 1909 ”. The comedian moderated the association's carnival sessions for five years and gave Nuremberg the reputation of a veritable stronghold of humor. In 1966 the comedian ended his position as an active participant in the carnival , but did so appropriately with the role of Carnival Prince Herbertla I in the Franconian metropolis.

By Year 22 1963 Hisels first single came at the label rate on the market and was a great success. Further recordings with him met with strong demand in the 1960s. From 1967 the comedian attracted not only his evening performances in front of an audience but also film appearances. The participation in shallow slapstick sex strips of the sex film wave that began in the cinema was not a taboo for him.

Memorial stone on the Nuremberg West Cemetery

On September 3, 1969, Hisel took off in a private Cessna 150 aircraft for a solo flight from the Bad Reichenhall runway to Kempten-Durach airfield . He survived the crash on Spitzberg near Schleching , seriously injured. In December 1969, he married the actress and director Sissy Löwinger in Las Vegas , who was his stage and film partner several times. In the fall of 1970, both of them went on a theater tour of the Löwinger stage with the play Das Manöverkind (premiere: April 3, 1970 in Vienna) as far as the USA and Canada . The childless marriage was divorced in December 1972.

In 1975 the humorist fled to Canada from several hundred thousand marks in tax debt. There and in the USA he made his living performing in front of people of German origin. He compensated the tax demands of the German tax authorities . He then tried a comeback in Germany in 1978. A new long-playing record was also released. The usual successes did not materialize. His kind of humor no longer worked, some of it was an infusion from the past or a regular joke. Disappointed, he withdrew to America, where the German-speaking audience courted him. At the wheel of his car in Canada in 1982 he suffered a fatal heart attack with a serious traffic accident as a direct result. He received his final resting place in the Nuremberg West Cemetery . In the spring of 2006 the grave was abandoned.

On the 25th anniversary of his death on September 21, 2007, the erection of a memorial in Nuremberg was suggested. The project was finally implemented in November 2008 in the form of a memorial stone ( 49 ° 27 ′ 56 ″  N , 11 ° 2 ′ 30.9 ″  E ) on the Nuremberg West Cemetery.

In 2016 the Herbert-Hisel-Weg was named after him in the Langwasser T development area in Nuremberg.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
The movie star / the sausage salad
  DE 45 
03/14/1964 (5 weeks)
At the Oktoberfest / The Unlucky One
  DE 38 
03/21/1964 (5 weeks)
In America / The ax in the house
  DE 44 
10/03/1964 (4 weeks)

Releases of live recordings as single / EP under the label Tempo (if known with indication of the record number, in the order of publication):

  • EP4131: Year 22 / The Campler (1963)
  • EP4142: The Driving License / The Moped Driver (1963)
  • EP4150: The regulars' table brother (1963)
  • EP4155: The unlucky person / At the Oktoberfest (1963; Sales: + 500,000)
  • EP4171: The Movie Star / The Sausage Salad (1964; Sales: + 500,000)
  • EP4184: In America / The ax in the house ... (Do It Yourself) (1964; Sales: + 500,000)
  • EP4197: Corporal Hisel / The Last Unemployed (1964)
  • EP4209: The Vacationer / The Tour Guide (1965)
  • EP4219: The Astronaut / The Men's Party (1965)
  • EP4238: The Bundesliga star / NCO Hisel (1966)
  • EP4266: The Cone Brother / The Fireman (1967)
  • EP4285: The cash patient / The manager (1967)
  • EP4304: The winter sportsman / The professional amateur sportsman (1967)
  • EP4320: Im Maneuver / The Bum (1968)
  • EP4333: The Bundestag candidate / The super agent
  • EP4351: On Safari / The Service Man (1969)
  • EP4354: On a Cruise / The Caravan Owner (1969)
  • EP4357: The Straw Widower (1969, further recording from 1973 known)
  • The hotel porter
  • A family outing
  • Humor, one after the other
  • The Bavarian in Heaven (was released on carousel cassette in the 80s)

Sound carriers that were created with his participation:

  • EP4204: Herbert Hisel's golden record (excerpts from previous programs, with announcements from a speaker - 1965)
  • 5001: From recruit to non-commissioned officer
  • 7001: Laughing everyday life (Herbert Hisel introduces other comedians)
  • 7022: Herbert Hisel presents: The German Laughing Parade
  • 7048: Go to the land of Franconia (folk music, Herbert Hisel does the conference)
  • 7073: Herbert Hisel presents: A warm welcome to Upper Bavaria

Folk music and hits:

  • EP4344: Jou werkli / Das is a net grad des G'sündeste (Schlager - 1969)
  • My regular seat is at the regulars' table
  • I only have my old woman in my head
  • Yes, where is he?
  • Bayerische Landler (is included on a Hisel CD, but only instrumental music)
  • Bayern Polka (is included on a Hisel CD, but only instrumental music)
  • The prices are worse than the Prussians (language contribution, underlaid with rhythm)

There are also a number of long-playing records and CDs that summarize several of his singles.



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