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Herbert Reindell (born March 20, 1908 in Staudernheim , Rhineland-Palatinate , † July 26, 1990 in Freiburg im Breisgau ) was a German sports physician who was best known as the founder of scientific interval training (together with athletics trainer Woldemar Gerschler ). His research on cardiovascular function in athletes also gained importance, especially on the expansion of the heart, the so-called sports heart, that occurs after years of training .

Live and act

Herbert Reindell worked from 1936 as an assistant and later senior physician at the Freiburg Medical University Clinic . In 1942 he obtained his habilitation and became a lecturer in cardiovascular research at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg , and in 1949 an associate professor. Here he received the chair for circulatory research and sports medicine in 1966. Reindell's research made it possible to measure heart volumes for the first time, which enabled him to optimize interval training with a view to increasing the size of the heart. He stands for the physiologization of the training, the biochemization of the training that was later carried out under his responsibility lay outside his own research area.

In 1957 he became a member of the scientific advisory board of the German Sports Association . From 1960 to 1984 Reindell served as President of the German Sports Medical Association . From 1971 he was deputy chairman of the board of directors of the Federal Institute for Sport Science. In 1973 he founded the chair for sport and performance medicine at the University of Freiburg. The World Federation for Sports Medicine ( FIMS ) elected him an honorary member in 1976.

Involvement in doping research

In 2010 the FAZ sports journalist Michael Reinsch reported on the first results of an investigation into the beginnings of German sports doping, which assumes Herbert Reindell was involved. Research with anabolic steroids at the end of the 1960s has already been reported here. In another investigation, Reindell is also accused of falsifying test results in a doping investigation commissioned by him.


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