Irlbach ruling court

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The Irlbach rulership court was a rulership court of the Bray family in the Lower Danube region of the Kingdom of Bavaria that existed until 1848 and was formed in 1814 on the basis of the edict of August 16, 1812.


The place Irlbach originally belonged to the barons of Leoprechting , was part of the Electorate of Bavaria and formed a closed Hofmark . Castle Irlbach was in 1811 by François Gabriel de Bray purchased and became the seat of caste domination of the family Bray . 1818 was the current municipality Irlbach that because of to 1848 continuing special rights of the nobility than I. Patrimonialgemeinde class the rule of court Irlbach was assigned. In 1820 the ruling court was converted into a patrimonial court . During the territorial reform initiated by King Ludwig I on November 29, 1837, the Lower Danube District was renamed Lower Bavaria . With the revolution of 1848/49 the special rights of the nobility were abolished. The areas of the court were assigned to the regional court of the older order Straubing .


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