Historical Commission for Pomerania

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Historical Commission for Pomerania
purpose Exploring the history of Pomerania
Chair: Haik Porada
Establishment date: 1910/11
Website: Homepage of the Historical Commission

The Historical Commission for Pomerania is a scientific body for research into the history of Pomerania .


The Historical Commission was founded in 1910/1911 on the initiative of the President of the Province of Pomerania , Helmuth Freiherr von Maltzahn . The driving forces included the Greifswald university professor Ernst Bernheim and the Szczecin high school professor Martin Wehrmann . Models were historical commissions in other countries and Prussian provinces. The Commission's primary task was initially to record the non-governmental archives in Pomerania. Seven reports appeared on this from 1917 to 1933. Another task from the beginning was to publish sources on the history of Pomerania in print; the first volume was published as early as 1913.

In 1925 the tasks of the historical commission were expanded. The publication of the Pomeranian Document Book , the last volume of which had been published in 1907, was resumed by the Commission together with the Stettin State Archives . She also took on the editing of the Historical Atlas of the Province of Pomerania , the collection of Pomeranian field names, the compilation of a Pomeranian bibliography and the inventory of the Pomeranian castle walls.

In National Socialist Germany , the commission was named State History Research Center of the Province of Pomerania in 1935 , and in 1939 it became part of the State History Research Center of the Province of Pomerania . When, after the end of the Second World War, Pomerania came partly to Poland and partly fell into the Soviet occupation zone , activities ended.

In 1951 the Historical Commission for Pomerania was re-established in the Federal Republic of Germany . The initiative came from Adolf Diestelkamp , who had been the committee's secretary for many years before 1945 and has now become its chairman. The Johann Gottfried Herder Research Council , through which the federal government provided financial support , formed the organizational framework . After Diestelkamp's death in 1955, Franz Engel took over as chairman. In 1958 the first volume of the new publications of the Historical Commission for Pomerania appeared . In many cases, the commission was able to build on the work that had begun before 1945, for example with the publication of the Pomeranian document book. Much else had been lost, such as the index of the Pomeranian castle walls.

The Historical Commission publishes reports on its activities in the Baltic Studies . However, the reports show gaps. The report on the years 1996–2000 was only followed by a report on 2009. The commission had been working on a homepage since 2008, which was put online in 2012.



The publications of the Historical Commission for Pomerania are divided into five series:

  • Row I: older row (before 1945).
  • Row II: Pomeranian document book .
  • Row III: Historical Atlas of Pomerania. New episode.
  • Row IV: Sources on Pomeranian History.
  • Row V: Research on Pomeranian History.


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