Hodgson Pratt

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Hodgson Pratt, 1891, portrayed by Felix Moscheles

Hodgson Pratt (born January 10, 1824 in Bath , Somerset ( England ), † February 26, 1907 in Le Pecq-sur-Seine , Yvelines department , France ) was a British pacifist .


Pratt graduated from Haileybury College near Coventry and London University , where he studied oriental languages. He worked for the East India Company and the Bengali government for 14 years and returned to England in 1861.

In 1880 he founded the International Arbitration and Peace Association (IAPA) in London and visited many European cities as its representative, for example Berlin , Frankfurt , Paris , Copenhagen , Stockholm , Budapest , Milan and Rome . He headed the British delegation to the Peace Congress in Brussels in 1882 , which was attended by over 500 delegates from many countries. In 1883 he gave Henri La Fontaine the impetus to found the Belgian Society for Arbitration and Peace . Together with Franz Wirth , he founded the Frankfurter Friedensgesellschaft in 1886 .

Pratt was chairman of the World Peace Congress in London in 1890. He was also Commissioner of by him during the World Peace Congress in 1891 in Rome co-founded International Peace Bureau (English: International Peace Bureau, German: International Permanent Peace Bureau ), which is based in Bern ( Switzerland had). In 1894 he was invited by Pierre de Coubertin to take part as an honorary member of the founding congress of the IOC .

Pratt was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 , which instead went to US President Theodore Roosevelt .


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