Hydra lost in galaxy 4

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German title Hydra lost in galaxy 4
Original title The Doomsday Machine
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1972
length 84 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Harry Hope
Lee Sholem
Herbert J. Leather
script Stuart J. Byrne
production Harry Hope
music Bebe Barron
Louis Barron
camera Stanley Cortez
cut James E. Swarm

Hydra Lost in Galaxy 4 is an American science fiction film from 1972 .


A spy discovers that the Chinese government wants to destroy the earth in 72 hours with a world destruction machine . The USA decide to stop the planned mission to Venus with the spaceship Astra . Half of the male crew members are replaced by women, including a Russian woman.

The Astra starts with seven astronauts on board. The astronauts find out that if the Chinese really do use their weapon, they should preserve the human race. Shortly afterwards the earth is destroyed.

The Astra follows its course to Venus. However, it becomes clear to the crew that a safe landing on the neighboring planet is only guaranteed if the crew is reduced to three members. One of the astronauts attacks one of the women. The defending woman accidentally activates the opening of the airlock, both of which are thrown into space. During an outboard operation to repair the spaceship, two other crew members, one of them the Russian, are separated from the Astra . They are drifting towards an abandoned spaceship that turns out to be a missing Soviet spaceship that was flown by a close friend of the Russian woman. The two find the pilot dead, but can start the spaceship again. However, radio contact with the Astra is lost.

The two remaining astronauts in the Russian spaceship hear a voice masquerading as the collective consciousness of the Venusian population. She claims that the Astra no longer exists. Because of its self-destructive nature, humans are not allowed to enter Venus. But there is life behind the universe.


The lexicon of international film judged: "A naive science fiction film, staging and thematically at the lowest penny-pound level."


Production of the film began in January 1967, directed by Herbert J. Leder. The project was canceled due to financial difficulties and only resumed in 1972. The film was released in Germany on July 8, 1976.

Ted Markland and Wayne Rogers played smaller supporting roles .

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