Hypericum triquetrifolium

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Hypericum triquetrifolium
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Hypericum triquetrifolium

Eurosiden I
Order : Malpighiales (Malpighiales)
Family : St. John's wort family (Hypericaceae)
Genre : St. John's herbs ( Hypericum )
Type : Hypericum triquetrifolium
Scientific name
Hypericum triquetrifolium

Hypericum triquetrifolium is a plant from the genus of hypericum ( Hypericum ).


Hypericum triquetrifolium is a perennial rhizome - Geophyt achieved the stature heights from 15 to 55 centimeters. The stem has black glands. The leaves are 15 millimeters large, encompassing half a stem, wavy, heart-shaped at the base and broadly lanceolate. The inflorescence is profuse and pyramidal. Its numerous branches are protruding. The sepals have entire margins, and there are no black glands near their edge.

The flowering period extends from (May) June to October.

The number of chromosomes is 2n = 16.


Hypericum triquetrifolium occurs from the Mediterranean area to western Iran. The species grows on cultivated and fallow land as well as ruderal sites at altitudes from 0 to 900 meters.


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