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Inetbib (own spelling also: InetBib , INETBIB ) is a German-language mailing list that deals with the Internet in (primarily German) libraries . Since 1996, the Inetbib conference has also been held approximately every two years .

Mailing list

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The mailing list was launched in 1994 by Michael Schaarwächter at the Dortmund University Library to support Internet use in libraries. The first mail was sent on May 28, 1994 via the list, which had 28 participants at the start. In March 2019, the list had over 9,400 registered email addresses, making it one of the largest German-speaking forums for professional exchange for librarians. Related topics are also discussed, such as long-term archiving , the use of social networks or e-books in libraries, the future of the library including the use of new technology as well as political developments and framework conditions. The mailing list was also used to distribute job advertisements for library professions until March 2019. Since April 2019, all job advertisements in the German-speaking library system have been concentrated in the OpenBiblioJobs portal .

Inetbib conference

The Inetbib conference was held annually from 1996 to 2000 and every two to three years since 2002 at different locations. Previous conferences have been in Dortmund (1996 and 2000), Potsdam (1997), Cologne (1998), Oldenburg (1999), Göttingen (2002), Frankfurt am Main (2003), Bonn (2004), Münster (2006), Würzburg ( 2008), Zurich (2010) and Berlin (2013). The 13th Inetbib conference was organized by the University Library Stuttgart , the Stuttgart City Library , the Media University (HdM) and the Dortmund University Library from 10th 12th Targeted February 2016. Topic: “Are we drifting or are we being driven?” The 14th Inetbib conference took place from 21-23 February 2018 in Vienna and was organized as a cooperation project with the VÖB as the 17th Austrian Online Information Meeting (ODOK).

The conference is comparable to a librarian's day ; In contrast to the International Symposium for Information Science (ISI), there are only limited scientific demands, instead more focus is placed on practice in library and information facilities, but the organization is more oriented towards traditional specialist conferences than, for example, at the BibCamp .

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