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The Association of Austrian Librarians (VÖB), based in Vienna, is the largest interest group for librarians of both sexes in Austria. The focus is on scientific information facilities - the counterpart from the public library system , the BVÖ , represents legal entities. The VÖB publishes, among other things, the journal Mitteilungen of the Association of Austrian Librarians (VÖB-Mitteilungen). Furthermore, the VÖB organizes the Austrian Librarian Day as its central training event . This has taken place every two years at different locations since 1950.


In 1896 the Austrian Library Association was founded as one of the first professional library associations in the world. It carried out a wide range of activities, also issued publications and existed until 1919. In the next 25 years there was no organized representation of the library profession in Austria. In 1945 the association that exists today was founded, adopted new statutes and new rules of procedure and called itself the "Association of Austrian Librarians" (VÖB). In 1993, parts of the statutes and the rules of procedure were revised and the name of the association was changed to its current name. Today the VÖB has around 1000 members from Germany and abroad.


The VÖB is led by a Presidium, which includes the following offices: President, 1st and 2nd Vice-President, Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer, Member Administration, Editor of the VÖB-Mitteilungen and four assessors. There is also a board of directors. The VÖB maintains various commissions and working groups to deal with a wide variety of technical issues and problems. The commissions hold regular working meetings, develop technical guidelines and organize information and advanced training events.

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