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Stuttgart University Library
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founding 1829
Duration 1.35 million volumes
Library type University library
place Stuttgart
management Helge Steenweg
Top view of the library as seen from the Max Kade dormitory. On the right the K2 building of the University of Stuttgart.
Entrance to the city center library
Entrance to the Vaihingen branch
Reading room in Vaihingen

The Stuttgart University Library (UB Stuttgart) is the university library of the University of Stuttgart . It is used to supply research, teaching and studies with literature and other information resources and is also open to other interested parties.


The Stuttgart University Library has had its headquarters in the city center of Stuttgart since it was founded in 1829. Since the university (until 1967: Technical University ) could no longer expand here, a campus was built for them in Stuttgart-Vaihingen in the Pfaffenwald area since 1957 . Renowned research institutes and most recently the Media University have also settled there . Most of the university's natural science and engineering institutes are now located in Vaihingen. Architecture and the humanities as well as economics and social sciences kept their location on the Stadtmitte campus around the Stuttgart city garden .


Only a small part of the library's holdings goes back to the time it was founded. The library existed from the beginning as a separate facility and was housed in the main building. She suffered great losses in World War II . There was also considerable water damage as a result of a storm in the summer of 1972.

In 1961 the library of the Technical University (since 1967: University Library) was given its own building with the support of the Max Kade Foundation ( map view coordinates: 48 ° 46 ′ 54.6 ″  N , 9 ° 10 ′ 18.4 ″  E ) was planned and built by the architects Volkart and Zabel . This building shows typical features of the library architecture of the early 1960s, which was influenced by American models, but after almost 50 years it shows considerable space problems due to the changed requirements for library services.

The spatial division of the university from 1957 onwards resulted in major problems for the library: it now had two areas to look after in a single literature collection.

A second UB location was set up on the Stuttgart-Vaihingen university campus in 1973 and has since been expanded several times. The library in Vaihingen is housed in a part of the natural science center (NWZ II) built between 1968 and 1974 ( map view ). Like the library in the city center, it has reading rooms, an open access library and a magazine. The reading room areas are spread over six levels that are offset from one another in height. In addition, two faculty libraries are fully integrated and two others are partially integrated.

The library administration, including the entire book processing and interlibrary loan operations, are still located in the building in the city center.

statistical data

Source: University Library, 2014

  • 1.35 million books in print
  • 30,000 e-books
  • 1,700 printed and 24,000 electronic journals
  • 1,120 jobs
  • around 34,000 active users
  • around 549,000 loans
  • Personnel: 67.97 positions (full-time equivalents)
  • Acquisition budget: 3,065,303 euros

The company's own holdings are fully electronically indexed, the retrospective indexing of the institute's holdings is in progress.


Since 1996 the University Library has set up an electronic online catalog for its users, which has replaced the conventional card catalogs. This records all monographs and dissertations , all reading room and open access holdings as well as all journal titles. Most of the titles can also be searched factually in the online catalog using keywords.

In addition, users in the Regional Catalog can search Stuttgart-Tübingen: a common online catalog of the four major research libraries in Stuttgart and Tübingen ( Wurttemberg State Library , Stuttgart University Library, University of Hohenheim , Tübingen University Library ), including the institute libraries of the universities of Stuttgart, Hohenheim and Tübingen and other universities in the region. At the start of 1996, the system called StOPAC at that time already contained 1.3 million titles. In 2004 there were around 3.2 million titles with around 6.2 million regional proof of ownership.

Digital services

Digital collections of the University Library

The digital collections of the University Library were published in October 2015. The university library makes high-resolution digital copies, such as architectural drawings, available on the platform. The offer was implemented with the Goobi open source software .


With the publication server OPUS, the Stuttgart University Library offers researchers an open access repository for the electronic publication of their publications. OPUS was originally developed at the university library. On April 4, 2016, the university library switched to the document server DSpace (software) . However, OPUS will be retained as an established brand. At the time of introduction, the electronic archive contained 8,725 publications. In the Open Access Repository Ranking (OARR), OPUS has so far occupied a place in the upper middle field.


In October 2015, PUMA (Academic Publication Management) was introduced. The web application is based on the open source software BibSonomy and can be used by all university members as an online reference management system. The service is operated alongside Citavi , for which a campus license is available.

Magazine hosting

Researchers at the University of Stuttgart have the option of hosting their own open access journals at the university library. Open Journal Systems (OJS) is used as software . The Journal of Technical Education (JOTED) has been published in this way since 2013 .

The decentralized specialist libraries

The Stuttgart University Library is a central point of contact for the 121 decentralized specialist libraries of the University of Stuttgart. For those libraries that have no specialist library staff or that do not have access to a regional association catalog, the alphabetical catalog of the Stuttgart University Library takes on the evidence in the regional association catalog and - related to this - the formal indexing of the holdings. The specialist librarians of the UB-S advise the decentralized specialist libraries on acquisition decisions and carry out acquisition agreements in order to keep the number of duplicate holdings in the library system as low as possible.


“UBS” reports on the work of the library, the libraries in Stuttgart and the university's academic festivities in leaflets, leaflets, brochures and series.

The University Library publishes the “Dissertations and Habilitation Theses of the University of Stuttgart” in a six-monthly edition to provide information about the scientific work at the University of Stuttgart, but also as a basis for exchanging documents (exchange list) with other libraries. In perspective, she lays the foundation for a university bibliography.

The series “Libraries - Education and Progress” is devoted to current problems in librarianship . Current information on training courses, events and the use of new services and offers are provided in the form of leaflets and leaflets.

On behalf of the Rector of the University of Stuttgart, UBS publishes the “Speeches and Essays” series, which reports on academic festivities and anniversaries.

The university library publishes the guide “Libraries in Stuttgart”, the 8th edition of which was available in 2006. In this guide, the focus and access data of the public and scientific general libraries located in Stuttgart, the libraries of academies, technical colleges and universities, the special libraries , archives, museums, authorities, schools, companies, church institutions and others are often not easy to close Finding facilities included.


The information and communication center of the University of Stuttgart , IZUS for short, is the higher-level organizational unit. This is divided into two areas with objectively delimited areas of responsibility:

  • the library system of the University of Stuttgart. It consists of the university library as the central library of the university and the libraries of the other institutions and
  • the technical information and communication services of the university ("TIK", including services for server and workstation systems, services for networks and communication systems)

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