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Ingeborg Schild born Dieckmann (born September 30, 1927 in Arnsberg ) is a German building historian , professor emeritus at RWTH Aachen University and author of architectural history publications.


Ingeborg Schild is the daughter of the architect Karl Dieckmann and his wife Elisabeth Dieckmann, b. Vorberg . After attending high schools in Aachen, Holzminden and Zichenau she put on 25 March 1947, the high school in Holzminden the matriculation examination from before until 18 November 1947 by 15 May an internship in a carpentry completed. This was followed by a semester at the State Building School in Holzminden from April 1 to August 30, 1948 , before she began her studies on October 1, 1948 at the Department of Architecture at the Technical University in Aachen (degree:Dipl.-Ing. ; Main exam: March 2, 1953). From March 15, 1953 to May 31, 1957 Ingeborg Dieckmann worked in the architecture office of the Aachen architect Benno Schachner , where she worked in the field of hospital buildings in particular. During this time, on March 27, 1954, she married Erich Schild , then a private lecturer for building design and later professor at RWTH Aachen University , with whom she also had an architecture office in Aachen.

On June 1, 1957, Ingeborg Schild then moved to the Chair of Building History and Monument Preservation at RWTH Aachen University under Willy Weyres , where she was entrusted with supervising the building survey. Weyres was also their Speaker, as she with a dissertation in 1965 the brothers Cremer and their church buildings for Doctor of Engineering doctorate . As in 1957, she was co-referee for her husband Wolfgang Braunfels' doctorate . On October 1, 1965, Ingeborg Schild received her appointment as chief engineer. In 1970 she completed her habilitation with a monograph on the engineer-architect Theodor August Stein (cf. writings). She then taught building history at RWTH Aachen from 1973 until her retirement in 1992 . Since January 28, 1980, she has held a professorship alongside Günter Urban at the Chair of Building History and Monument Preservation at the Faculty of Architecture at RWTH Aachen University .

On July 1st, 2006 Ingeborg Schild was elected honorary member of the Rhenish Association for the Preservation of Monuments and Landscape Protection. In 1971 she joined the association and since 1989 she has been a member of the advisory board.

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