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An unofficial patch is a bug or fix for commercially distributed software by one or more non-commercially motivated developers from the user community instead of the original software manufacturer .


Unofficial patches are used to try to maintain the original concept and spirit of the original software product or to work it out even more. This focus clearly distinguishes unofficial patches from other third party adaptations of software, such as mods , hacks and cracks . Since these patches typically come from user communities organized as an online community , they are created there by consensus, achieve broad acceptance and are mostly viewed as legitimate "official" product continuations. Disputes about the authenticity of adaptations through unofficial patches occur in the user community and are typically resolved "conservatively"; Controversial adjustments become optional components or are left out. However, the development can also go so far that, as in the OpenTTD example , an independent game comes about that is independent of the original. Most of the time, the original is abandonware .


The motivation for creating these patches is a lack of support from the developer, which can have many reasons:

  • the software is outside the support timeframe or has been replaced by a successor product ( planned obsolescence )
  • the developer company no longer exists or has lost the rights to the software ( abandonware )
  • economically unprofitable for the developer (e.g. localization of games for small markets)
  • the developer takes too much time to provide a solution to a critical problem (e.g. security vulnerabilities )
  • the developer is overwhelmed with the problems


In the computer games sector , unofficial patches by individual authors are also called fan patches . Combined patches consisting of the work of many authors from the user community are also known as community patches .

Typical corrections are aimed at critical bugs in the program that prevent proper use; for example, procedural penalty, to program instabilities result, compatibility issues with newer operating systems or a lack of adaptation to new technical conditions such as higher image resolution and widescreen formats .

Although unofficial patches are mainly created for the PC platform, they also exist for console games, e.g. B. in the context of the emulation community.

Another common goal is to translate software into other national languages ​​if it was not originally published locally . This subset of fan patches is known as a language patch, fan translation, or fan port , and others. a. for Japanese RPG games that are often only released for the Japanese market.

Another specific subgroup can be considered blood patches , which are used to reconstruct game content of a computer game that has been removed for a target market due to legal requirements or cultural concerns of the publisher (offense).

Another variant are update packs in which many small incremental patches or official patches that are only available online are bundled together to form a larger overall patch.


Since the software's source code and development tools are typically not available to community patchers, the behavior of the software must be analyzed using reverse engineering and debugging . For some purposes it is sufficient to make minor changes, for example in configuration files or the registry database, for example in the case of blood patches ; The effort and size of these patches are therefore often low. Other goals can be achieved primarily by adapting the program data, for example high-resolution patches that exchange graphic textures, or fan translations of a game; here there is a proximity in concepts and development tools ( SDKs and specially developed tools) to the modding scene.

For other more complex goals, such as bug fixes in the game engine , a direct adaptation of the binary code , for example with a hex editor in assembler , is necessary. This procedure is significantly more complex than an adaptation directly to the source code with a recompilation , as the software manufacturer can do with access to the source code. This scenario is cited by representatives of the open source software movement as an argument for the principle that software should always be published with its source code so that users have the option even if the original developer is not interested ( planned obsolescence ) or the original developer is not available to adapt a software.

In rare cases the community gets access to the source code of the software and can thus take over the support most effectively; Either this happens through an official release or through an unwanted access ( leak ) such as B. happens with the Thief game engine .


The behavior of the creators and rights holders towards the unofficial patches is very heterogeneous, since the unauthorized adaptations usually do not cause any financial damage, but represent a purely legal violation of copyright or trademark law. The responses range from ignorance, tolerance, legal combat and official (tacit) use to active support of the efforts.

There was also the scenario that the official (commercial) development was transferred to the community developers by the rights holder.

There are also some examples of supporting the community by disclosing the source code for free further development of the software: Myth , Homeworld , Allegiance and many games from id Software and 3D Realms . For an overview of the games that have been released to allow the community to self-support, see the list of commercial computer games with published source code .

Examples of games with significant community patches

Examples of software with unofficial patches

Individual evidence

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