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The International Seminar (ISEM) is an annual teaching and learning event of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim . Since 2000 it has been an integral part of the International Business (formerly International Business Administration) (IBA) and International Business Information Technology (IBIT) courses .

Students of various years as well as participants from cooperating foreign universities work on a seminar paper in virtual teams over a period of half a year . Here, topics from the economy, culture, history or society of a selected region are dealt with.

year main emphasis
2000 far East
2001 Eastern Europe
2002 South America
2003 India
2004 Mediterranean area
2005 China
2006 Africa
2007 Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States
2008 Sustainability

In a final week of the seminar, in which all participants come together, special topics are dealt with in depth and expert presentations are heard. The highlight of the “International Seminar” is the presentation of the results in the form of information markets and lectures to which the public is invited.

The main goals of the seminar , which is held in English, are the imparting of international knowledge, the networking of knowledge through the description of a field from various perspectives, the cooperation and communication in virtual teams, the training of scientific work techniques and the use of various presentation methods.

On July 6, 2004, the concept was awarded the state teaching prize of the Baden-Württemberg vocational academy. The Minister of Science of Baden-Württemberg , Peter Frankenberg , praised the teaching and learning method as a pioneering communication tool.

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