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The International Statistical Institute (abbreviation: ISI) is an association of statisticians and the publisher of various books and journals . The institute is also the organizer of the World Statistics Congress . The office is located in the building of the Columbia Broadcasting System in Leidschenveen in Dutch The Hague .


As an umbrella organization, the ISI has seven sub-organizations:

abbreviation Surname since
BS Bernouilli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability 1975
IAOS International Association for Official Statistics 1985
IASC International Association for Statistical Computing 1977
IASE International Association for Statistical Education 1991
IASS International Association of Survey Statisticians 1973
ISBIS International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics 2005
TIES The International Environmetrics Society 2008


The Institute was founded in 1885 by 81 prominent statisticians from governments and universities in London.

As of July 2017, the ISI has over 2,400 individual members, including organizational memberships, it has over 4,500 members from over 100 countries.

World Statistics Congress

The World Statistics Congress (WSC) is an international conference organized by the ISI , which has been held every two years at different locations around the world since 1887.

In 2013 the congress had around 2,500 participants, including around 670 students. Over 240 scientific meetings took place at which a good 1,400 papers were presented.

Current venues from 2000:

  • 2001: 53rd ISI WSC, Seoul , South Korea
  • 2003: 54th ISI WSC, Berlin , Germany
  • 2005: 55th ISI WSC, Sydney , Australia
  • 2007: 56th ISI WSC, Lisbon , Portugal
  • 2009: 57th ISI WSC, Durban , South Africa
  • 2011: 58th ISI WSC, Dublin , Ireland
  • 2013: 59th ISI WSC, Hong Kong , People's Republic of China
  • 2015: 60th ISI WSC, Rio de Janeiro , Brazil
  • 2017: 61st ISI WSC, Marrakech , Morocco
  • 2019: 62nd ISI WSC, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Trade journals

The institute also publishes seven specialist journals:

  • International Statistical Review with the Short Books Reviews
  • Statistical Theory and Method Abstracts - Zentralblatt
  • Bernoulli
  • Computational Statistics & Data Analysis
  • ISI newsletter
  • Statistical Education Research Journal
  • Statistics surveys

Known members

  • Hermann Losch (1863–1935), German clergyman, university professor, economist, non-fiction author and statistician
  • Robert Meyer (1855–1914), Austrian lawyer and politician

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