János Irinyi

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János Irinyi.

János Irinyi (born May 17, 1817 in Nagyléta , Kingdom of Hungary , † December 17, 1895 in Vértes ) was a Hungarian chemist and the inventor of the safety detonator , the noiseless match .


First he studied in Debrecen , his chemistry knowledge he acquired at the Vienna Polytechnic . In 1838 he wrote a book on the theory of chemistry in Berlin , in which v. a. Treated acids .

In 1836 Irinyi invented a new variant of the match that was significantly less explosive. He was inspired to this invention by a lecture by Paul Traugott Meissner at the Vienna Polytechnic, when he showed that lead dioxide and sulfur react inflammatory when rubbed together. In 1840 he founded Hungary's first match factory in Budapest .

In the Hungarian freedom struggle of 1848 - 1849 against Austria Irinyi had a prominent role. From Kossuth he was entrusted with the cannon foundry and with the manufacture of gunpowder. He was also the one who formulated the famous 12 demands of the Hungarian struggle for freedom.


Individual evidence

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