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Jürgen Huck (born December 9, 1927 in Stadtoldendorf ) is a German archivist and historian. He was head of the Neuss City Archives .


Huck attended school in Hildesheim and began his career in the archives service at the main state archive in Hanover . He then went to the Federal Archives in Koblenz , where he dealt with the German iron and steel industry, among other things. In Marburg he passed the first state examination and the second archivist examination in the Federal Archives in Koblenz. He then set up a city archive in Cologne-Porz .

In 1977 he joined Neuss succeeds Joseph Lange as Neuss city archivist. He already knew the Rhine district of Neuss before. He had worked as a lecturer for municipal archive maintenance at the Rhineland Regional Council. He held the post of city archivist until his retirement in 1989.

Today Huck lives in Cologne-Grengel .


  • 1984: elected member of the Society for the Rhine. History
  • 1989: Medal of Honor from the Association of Heimatfreunde Neuss
  • 2012: Honor bar of the Cologne district of Porz
  • 2013: Medal of Merit of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • 2015: Ring of Honor of the City of Elze

Works (selection)

  • “Cologne” foot pilgrimage from Porz-Urbach to Walldürn. Brotherhood of the Precious Blood, Porz-Urbach 1974.
  • with Axel Caprasse: Water for Neuss from Roman times to the present. For the 100th anniversary of the public water supply. Stadtwerke, Neuss 1982.
  • Neuss-Elvekum. From the village to the district (= series of publications by the Neuss City Archives. Vol. 8). City archive, Neuss 1983.
  • The end of the French era in Hamburg. Sources and studies on the siege and liberation of Hamburg 1813–1814 (= contributions to the history of Hamburg. Vol. 24). Kabel, Hamburg 1984.
  • Neuss, the long-distance trade and the Hanseatic League (= series of publications by the Neuss City Archives. Vol. 9). 2 volumes. City archive, Neuss 1984/1991.
  • Culture in Neuss 1789–1918 (= series of publications by the Neuss City Archives. Vol. 19). City archive, Neuss 2007.
  • The buck from Wülfingen. 2 parts in 3 volumes. Hahn, Hanover 2011.
  • History of the Jews at Elze. Gerstenberg, Hildesheim 2012.
  • Contributions to the history of the city of Elze. Gerstenberg, Hildesheim 2014.

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