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Jakob Dont (born March 2, 1815 in Vienna , † November 17, 1888 in Vienna) was an Austrian violinist , violin teacher and composer .

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Jakob Dont was a son of the Bohemian cellist at the Hofopertheater, Valentin Dont. Jakob was a student of Joseph Böhm (1795–1876) and Georg Hellmesberger senior (1800–1873) at the Conservatory of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna . At the age of sixteen he became a member of the Hofburgtheater orchestra and in 1834 joined the Vienna court orchestra. During this time he was often heard as a soloist. Despite his success, he decided against grueling solo work. In 1853 he became a professor at the Pedagogical Institute in Vienna . From 1871 Dont worked at the Vienna Conservatory. He left this position because he was forbidden to use his own teaching material.

His compositional work mainly extended to innovative educational works. His 24 Etudes and Caprices Gradus ad parnassum Op. 35 and the 24 preliminary exercises for the etudes by Rodolphe Kreutzer and Pierre Rode op. 37 are still considered to be an important exercise for violinists.

In 1938 the Dontgasse in Vienna- Hietzing was named in his honor.


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