Joachim Wilhelm von Brawe

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Title page of the "Tragedy of Mr. Joachim Wilhelm von Brawe" (1768)

Joachim Wilhelm von Brawe (born February 4, 1738 in Weißenfels , † April 7, 1758 in Dresden ) was a German playwright .

After finishing school in Schulpforta , Brawe began studying law at the University of Leipzig . There he was in the circle of friends around Christian Fürchtegott Gellert , Ewald Christian von Kleist , Gotthold Ephraim Lessing and Christian Felix Weisse . Supported and promoted by Lessing, Brawe wrote a civil (“Der Freygeist”) and a historical (“Brutus”) tragedy .

His “Freygeist” is modeled on Lessing's “ Miss Sara Sampson ” and English dramas. In his drama used "Brutus" Brawe for the first time rhymeless iambic pentameter , which he thus on the German stage introduced.

Shortly after his appointment to the government council in Merseburg , the 20-year-old Brawe died on April 7, 1758 while visiting his parents in Dresden.


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