Johann Friedrich Schleusner

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Johann Friedrich Schleusner

Johann Friedrich Schleusner (born January 16, 1759 in Leipzig , † February 21, 1831 in Wittenberg ) was a German Protestant theologian.


Schleusner enrolled at the University of Leipzig on May 19, 1775 , where he obtained the degree of Magister on February 18, 1779 and concentrated on theological studies. In 1781 he was qualified to teach as Magister Legens, gave lectures and on October 7, 1782 he was baccalaureus of theology. He worked as a morning preacher at the University Church in Leipzig .

At Easter 1785 he accepted a call to the University of Göttingen as an associate professor of theology, where he became a full professor of theology in 1790. Since the office required a doctorate , he received his doctorate on April 2, 1791 in Göttingen. In 1794 he took the position of fourth professor of theology at the University of Wittenberg , connected with the office of provost at the Wittenberg castle church and assessor at the Wittenberg consistory . He was also rector of the Wittenberg University in the winter semesters of 1798, 1804 and 1808 .

In 1805 he moved from the fourth to the third theological professorship and remained at his provost post after the Wittenberg Academy was dissolved and the University of Halle was merged. As the second director, he was involved in founding the evangelical seminary and taught there.

In February 1829 he stopped his work due to a stroke, and a second stroke put an end to his life.

Schleusner was married to Christiane Sophie Weber (born February 7, 1768 in Leipzig; July 30, 1801 in Wittenberg), his grandson Georg Schleusner also gained recognition in Wittenberg.

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