Johann II. (Sponheim-Kreuznach)

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Tumba cover depicting Count Johann II von Sponheim († 1340), Pfaffen-Schwabenheim collegiate church

Johann II. (* 1270/75; † March 11, 1340 ) von Sponheim-Kreuznach, was Count of the Front County of Sponheim and came from the noble family of Sponheimer .

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Johann II. Was the son of Johann I , called "the Lame". He appeared around 1290 together with his brother Simon II as the ruling count of the front county of Sponheim. In 1300 at the latest, the Front County of Sponheim was divided up between the brothers. The northern part was ruled by Simon II from Kastellaun . Johann kept the southern part with the old main town Bad Kreuznach . In 1290 he received the rule of Ebernburg as an inheritance from the Leiningen-Landeck line, which became extinct in the same year (relatives through mother Adelheid von Leiningen-Landeck). Johann remained unmarried, an intended marriage with a wild countess was not concluded because of too close relatives. Instead, he had an illegitimate and therefore not entitled to inheritance son named Walrab with a daughter from the knightly Stelin von Bonnheim family, who were sponheim ministerials . The son Walrab founded the (nongrave) line of the Koppensteiner . Together with his brother he supported Frederick the Fair during the time of the double kingship until 1322. In 1328, the support of the wild counts by the Sponheimers in the first Schmidtburg feud led to armed confrontations with Baldwin of Luxembourg . Johann Ludwig supported Bavaria as early as 1330 and received from him the town charter for Winterburg and Koppenstein. Unlike his brother Simon, Johann pursued an active castle policy. He reactivated Koppenstein Castle, built Winterburg, bought Grafendahn Castle and Gutenburg Castle . Johann died on March 11, 1340, as heir he had appointed his nephew Walram , who thus reunited the front county. Johann's grave is located in the so-called monastery church of Pfaffen-Schwabenheim , where it can still be visited today.


  • Wallrab of Koppenstein; illegitimate son and founder of the " von Koppenstein " line
  • Hen von Cruzenach († after 1379), illegitimate son and burgrave of Vianden


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  1. Cf. document of May 12, 1314 Leopold Duke of Austria ,… Count von Habsburg,… promises Johann Count von Sponheim 200 Marks of silver from Strasbourg by weight for the services rendered, payable in Kreuznach ; Bavarian Main State Archives Munich (Grafschaft Sponheim documents 144).
  2. ^ Document of July 23, 1379; see. Johannes Mötsch: The Counts of Sponheim and the Battle of Baesweiler (1371) . In: Rheinische Vierteljahrsblätter 52 (1988), pp. 90-106, especially p. 101.
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