Johann Jakob (Montferrat)

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Johann Jakob Palaiologos ( Gian Giacomo Paleologo , * March 23, 1395 ; † March 12 (or September 13) 1445 ) was Margrave of Montferrat from 1418 to 1431 and from 1433 to 1445. He was the only son of Margrave Theodor II. and became his successor with his death.

In 1414, until he came to power, he held the title of Count of Aquosana, and during his reign he was Imperial Vicar General for Italy. In 1431 he had to flee to France from a coalition against Montferrat and was only able to take possession of his margraviate again two years later.

He married probably on April 2, 1407 Johanna von Savoyen (* August 16, 1392; † 1460), a daughter of Count Amadeus VII. With her he had five or six children: