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Johannes Tuchel (born December 20, 1957 in Hamburg ) is a German political scientist and director of the German Resistance Memorial Center in Berlin as well as managing director of the supporting foundation.


Tuchel studied political science from 1977 to 1981 in Hamburg and at the Free University of Berlin . In 1989 he received his doctorate in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin. phil. PhD . His dissertation “Concentration Camps. Organizational history and function of the 'Inspection of the Concentration Camps' 1934–1938 ” is a standard work on the organizational history of the National Socialist concentration camps .

From 1983 to 1987 he was a research assistant at the German Resistance Memorial Center , and from 1988 to 1991 he worked in the Memorials Department of the Berlin Senate Chancellery . Since 1991 he has been head of the German Resistance Memorial Center in Berlin and managing director of the associated foundation. Since 1992 he has been a lecturer , since 2001 a private lecturer and since 2007 professor at the Department of Political and Social Sciences ( Otto Suhr Institute ) at the Free University of Berlin and at Touro College Berlin , where he teaches the Holocaust Communication and Tolerance course.

As an author and editor, Tuchel published numerous works on the resistance against National Socialism and the Nazi concentration camp system.


Works (selection)

as an author
  • News from the "White Rose"? Critical reflections on Detlef Bald , “The White Rose. From the front to the resistance ” . Otto Suhr Institute, Berlin 2003, ISBN 3-929532-11-5 .
  • The inspection of the concentration camps 1938–1945. The system of terror . Edition Hentrich, Berlin 1994, ISBN 3-89468-158-6 .
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  • Columbia house. Berlin concentration camp 1933–1936 . Edition Hentrich, Berlin 1991, ISBN 3-926175-96-6 (together with Kurt Schilde on the occasion of the planned erection of a memorial to commemorate the history of the Columbia-Haus prison and concentration camp).
  • Headquarters of Terror. Prinz-Albrecht-Str. 8, the headquarters of the Gestapo . Siedler-Verlag, Berlin 1987, ISBN 3-88680-267-1 (together with Reinold Schattenfroh).
  • “No right to life”. Contribution and documents on the deprivation of rights and the destruction of "life unworthy of life" under National Socialism . WAV, Berlin 1984, ISBN 3-88840-221-2 .
  • Securing power and terror. On the function and effect of National Socialist concentration camps in 1933 and 1934 . FU, Berlin 1983 (Occasional Papers; 7).
  • Georg Elser . be.bra Wissenschaft, Berlin 2009, ISBN 978-3-937233-53-6 (together with Peter Steinbach ).
as editor
  • The Red Chapel in the resistance against Hitler (Writings of the German Resistance Memorial Center / A; Vol. 1). Edition Hentrich, Berlin 1992, ISBN 3-89468-110-1 (together with Jürgen Danyel and Hans Coppi junior ).
  • War in the ether. Resistance and espionage in World War II . Picus Verlag, Vienna 2004, ISBN 3-85452-470-6 (together with Hans Schafranek ).
  • The forgotten resistance. On real history and perception of the struggle against the Nazi dictatorship (Dachau Symposia on Contemporary History; 5). Wallstein-Verlag, Göttingen 2005, ISBN 978-3-89244-943-0 ( excerpt ).

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