Josef Pischna

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Josef Pischna ( Josef Pišna , sometimes incorrectly described in the literature as Johann Pišna ) (born June 15, 1826 in Erdischowitz , † October 19, 1896 in Prague ) was a Bohemian pianist, composer and music teacher.

Pischna studied piano at the Prague Conservatory . He worked as a pianist and piano teacher in Moscow for 35 years . There he worked, among other things, as a teacher at the Noble Girls' Institute . In his later years he went back to Prague. Of his compositions, the 60 piano exercises in particular are of lasting value. These 60 Exercises pour piano were published in several editions and are still used in piano lessons today. Emil von Sauer and Willy Rehberg published a more difficult version of these exercises , while the French pianist and piano maker Auguste Wolff published a simplified version of these exercises by Pišnas.


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