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Josef Zangel (born October 12, 1883 in Ljubljana , † May 12, 1967 in Linz , Upper Austria ) was an Austrian politician ( Landbund ) and author.


Josef Zangel grew up in Upper Austria, where he first attended elementary school in Wels and later high school in Steyr . After he had passed the teaching qualification test in 1919, he came to Weißenbach near Liezen in Styria , where he found work as a teacher for beekeeping at an agricultural school.

As early as 1920 he was an employee in the secretariat of the farmers' union in Graz . In 1925 he became Landessekretär des Landbund (LBd) Styria, which was to be followed in 1927 by being appointed Reich Party Secretary of the Landbund for all of Austria in Vienna . In May 1927 Zangel was sworn in as an LBd member of the National Council, he held the mandate until October 1930. After a two-month absence from the House, Zangel was sworn in as a Styrian member of the Federal Council in December 1930 . The non-attached Zangel was Federal Councilor until February 1932.

Zangel advocated an annexation of Austria to Germany early on . When the so-called July Putsch of 1934 failed, he fled to Germany, where he found work as a traveling teacher. In 1937 he became an economic advisor in the Reichsnährstand in Silesia . In 1938, after his homeland was annexed to Nazi Germany, Zangel was appointed director of the agricultural school and business advisory center in Freistadt .

Little is known about his further life. In 1952 he became director of the General Austrian Farmers' Association .


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