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The Torgau correctional facility is a correctional facility (JVA) in the northern Saxon city ​​of Torgau . It is located in the former Fort Zinna fortress and offers space in four detention areas for around 370 prisoners in the closed prison and for 24 prisoners in the open prison in an external prison area.

JVA Torgau, aerial photo (2019)


1811 Fort Zinna was as part of the Fortress Torgau under King Friedrich August I on the orders of Napoleon I built. From 1890 it served as a military prison for the Prussian army . POW officers were interned here during the First World War .

In the Weimar Republic , the fortress served as a civil "prison" from 1919. At the beginning of the Nazi era from 1933, political opponents were held here as " protective prisoners ". In 1936 the fort was from the Ministry of Justice, the Army High Command passed and became the Wehrmacht prison Torgau , the largest military prison of the German Reich . In 1943 the Reich Court Martial was relocated from Berlin to Potsdam and then to Fort Zinna in Torgau. Until the end of the war, members of the military were tortured here and numerous prisoners were shot in a nearby gravel pit and in the asylum's moat. The liberation by Allied troops took place on 25 April 1945th

From September 1945 to October 1948 the special camps No. 8 and No. 10 Torgau of the Soviet occupation forces were quartered in Fort Zinna . In the camp no. 8, 8000 detained Germans because of the of goods NKVD boss Beria issued instruction no. 00315 of April 18, 1945 because of actual or alleged membership or function in Nazi completely isolated from the outside world organizations. They were not charged with any specific offenses and their criminal conviction was never intended. Camp No. 10 served as a transit prison for thousands of German and Soviet citizens before they were sentenced to 5–25 years as a “ corrective labor camp” in the Soviet Union. 1949 was handed over from Fort Zinna to the German People's Police , and in 1950 the building was in the prison of the GDR opened.

During the floods in 2002 and 2013 , prisoners from the Torgau prison supported the city's population in limiting and removing the damage.

The Torgau Documentation and Information Center provides information about the history of Fort Zinna . It belongs to the Saxon Memorials Foundation to commemorate the victims of political tyranny and is located in Hartenfels Castle in Torgau.

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