Royal parks in London

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St. James's Park (2006)

The Royal Parks of London (Engl. Royal Parks ) were once lands that the monarch of England (later Great Britain ) belonged and served it as a recreation area. With the increasing urbanization of London, the areas have been converted into public parks .

The royal parks are managed by the Royal Parks Agency . The Metropolitan Police are responsible for law and order. The Royal Parks Constabulary , which was previously responsible , had existed since 1872, was under the Ministry of Culture and was dissolved in 2004. The Royal Parks Agency finances the maintenance of the parks through commercial activities such as restaurants and concerts.

Today there are eight parks that have the formal suffix mentioned above:

  1. Bushy Park
  2. Green Park
  3. Greenwich Park
  4. Hyde Park
  5. Kensington Gardens
  6. Regent's Park
  7. Richmond Park
  8. St. James's Park

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