KFNB - Planet, Dolphin, Lightning and Neptune

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Technical specifications
design type 1A1 n2
Cylinder Ø 331 mm
Piston stroke 487 mm 474 mm
Drive wheel Ø 1673 mm
Impeller Ø at the front 1205 mm 1238 mm 1212 mm
Rear wheel Ø 1047 mm 1054 mm 1034 mm
Fixed wheelbase k. A.
Total wheelbase k. A.
Total wheelbase + tender k. A.
Heating fl. d. Tube 41.4 m² 49.9 m² 48.9 m²
Heating fl. d. Fire box 4.8 m² 4.5 m²
Grate k. A.
Vapor pressure 5.4
Weight (empty) 12.3 t
Adhesion weight k. A.
Service weight 13.7 t
Service weight + tender k. A.
water k. A.
coal k. A.
length k. A.
Length + tender k. A.
height k. A.

The steam locomotives "PLANET" , "DELPHIN" , "BLITZ" and "NEPTUN" were passenger locomotives of the KFNB . They were delivered in 1842 and had the axle formula  1A1. The table shows the dimensions of the year 1853 .

The machine was 1861 / 1862 retired.