Calendar of Tenos

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The Tenos calendar is a Greek calendar from the Ionian calendar group that was in use on the Cycladic island of Tenos .

The calendar dates are from an inscription from the 3rd century BC. Known in which the sales of the year in which the Archon Ameinolas was in office are listed in two rows . In the incompletely preserved inscription nine different month names are mentioned, the order of the months could be determined by comparison with other Ionic calendars, with a few exceptions.

The beginning of the tenic year is controversial. On the one hand, the fact that both rows of the inscription begin with the month of Artemision speaks for this month, for which Buphonion speaks that the eponymous Archon always comes after this name. The poor findings speak against both interpretations, since both indications can only have occurred by chance on this one inscription. A gloss in Hesychios of Alexandria , however, suggests the Apellaion , which is supported by the fact that the Apellaion is the only month name that does not come from the corpus of the Ionic month names. It is a common name in the Western Greek calendar , named after the Apellai festival , in which the Ephebe were accepted as full citizens at the beginning of the year. Whether it was similar on Tenos, however, is speculative, so the question of the beginning of the year must remain open.

Since the only source is corrupt, not all month names are known. There are also uncertainties about the placement of a few months. The best known Ionic calendar, the Attic calendar, serves as a reference calendar for locating the months of the year . The Hekatombaion corresponds roughly to the month of July in the Julian calendar .

Calendar of Tenos Attic calendar
Apellaion ( Ἀπελλαιών ) or
Eleithyaion ( Ἐλειθυαιών )
Heraion ( Ἡραιών ) Metageitnion
Buphonion ( Βουφονιών ) Boëdromion
Apaturion ? ( Ἀπατουριών ) Pyanopsion
Apaturion? ( Ἀπατουριών ) Maimacterion
Posideon ( Ποσιδεών ) Poseideon
? Gamelion
Anthesterion ( Ἀνθεστηριών ) Anthesterion
Artemision ? ( Ἀρτεμισιών ) Elaphebolion
Artemision? ( Ἀρτεμισιών ) Munichion
Targelion ( Ταργηλιών ) Thargelion
Apellaion ( Ἀπελλαιών ) or
Eleithyaion ( Ἐλειθυαιών )



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