Marioara Traşcă

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Marioara Traşcă in the 1980s

Marioara Traşcă , from 1989 Marioara Curelea , (born October 29, 1962 in Bucharest ) is a former Romanian rower who won three Olympic medals and nine world championship medals, including six world championship titles.

Athletic career

The 1.72 m tall Marioara Traşcă took fourth place with the double fours at the 1983 World Championships . In 1984 she switched to oar rowing . At the 1984 Olympic Games , she won the silver medal behind the US boat with the Romanian eighth . At the 1985 World Championships , the Soviet eighth won ahead of the GDR boat, both boats were not at the start in 1984 because of the Olympic boycott . The Romanians won the 1985 World Championship bronze in front of the US eight.

In 1986 Marioara Traşcă switched to the four-man team and won her first world title at the World Championships in Nottingham . In 1987 Traşcă was the only rower in the Romanian foursome from the world champion boat from the previous year. The newly formed foursome won the title at the 1987 World Championships in Copenhagen . All rowers from the four were also part of the eight, which also won the title in Copenhagen. Also at the Olympic Games in 1988 Traşcă rowed in both boat classes: In the four, the GDR won over China, the Romanian four won the bronze medal; in the eighth, the Romanians received the silver medal behind the eighth from the GDR.

After her marriage, she started as Marioara Curelea in 1989. At the 1989 World Championships , she and Doina Bălan won the silver medal in two with a helmsman behind the boat from the GDR, and with the Romanian eighth she won the title. The following year she won her fifth and sixth world title in the four without helmsman and eight at the World Championships in Tasmania . At the 1991 World Championships , Curelea competed in two boat classes, with the eighth she won the bronze medal, in the uncontrolled four she took sixth place.

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