Jackie Gowler

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Jackie Gowler (born June 7, 1996 ) is a New Zealand rower .


Jackie Gowler started rowing at Aramaho Wanganui Rowing Club in 2010 . At the Junior World Championships in 2014 she reached eighth place with the four-man without a helmsman . At the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing , she and Renee Olley finished ninth in the two-man category without a helmsman . In 2015 she was fifth in a foursome at the U23 World Championships , in 2016 she was fourth with eighth . In 2017 she made her debut in the Rowing World Cup and together with Kirstyn Goodger finished fifth in Poznan and sixth in Lucerne, both races were won by her sister Kerri Gowler with Grace Prendergast . At the 2017 World Championships , Kerri Gowler and Prendergast started in twos, Jackie Gowler finished tenth with four. 2018 she won the World Cup with the eighth to second place in Linz-Ottensheim and won in Lucerne. At the World Championships in Plovdiv , the New Zealanders rowed to seventh place. The following year they finished fourth at the World Cup in Poznan and won in Rotterdam. In Linz-Ottensheim at the 2019 World Championships , the New Zealanders won ahead of the Australians and the boat from the United States.

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