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Aurica Bărăscu (birth name Aurica Chiriță ; born September 21, 1974 in Nicoreşti , Galați district ) is a former Romanian rower .

She entered at least until 2001 under her maiden name Aurica Chiriță and at the latest from 2003 under her married name Aurica Bărăscu.

Athletic career

Aurica Chiriță reached the (unofficial) U23 World Championships in 1996, second place in the double scull . At her first World Cup start in the adult division, she finished tenth in the quad scull in 1997 . In the 1998 and 1999 seasons she rowed in the Rowing World Cup in the Romanian eighth , with which she won the title at the 1999 World Championships . In the 2000 Olympic season she started eighth, but then changed boat classes several times. At the world championships in the non-Olympic boat classes, she won the bronze medal in the foursome without a helmsman . At the Olympic Games in Sydney , she finished ninth with the double fours.

In 2001 she rowed back in eighth and won the silver medal behind the Australian eighth at the World Championships . The following year she competed in two boat classes at the 2002 World Championships : with the double scull she finished eleventh, with the eighth she reached fourth place. In the 2003 World Cup season, Aurica Bărăscu rowed in double sculls, at the 2003 World Championships she dared the double start as in 2002. After eighth place in the double scull she won the silver medal with the eighth behind the German large boat. She also started in a double scull in 2004, but rowed eighth in the World Cup final to third place. At the Olympic Games in Athens , the Romanian eighth won ahead of the boats from the United States and the Netherlands.

After a two-year break from competition, the 1.81 m tall Aurica Bărăscu returned in 2007. She won the silver medal at the World Championships behind the US eight , at the European Championships she won the title. In 2008 and 2012 she competed once in the World Cup, but no longer in the Olympic Games.

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