Olena Teroshyna

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Olena Teroschyna ( Ukrainian Олена Борисівна Терьошина , Russian Елена Борисовна Терёшина , Jelena Borisovna Terjoschina * 6. February 1959 in Kiev ) is a former Soviet rower and seven-time world champion in eight .

Olena Teroschyna won her first world title in 1978 in New Zealand , it was the first Soviet victory in the women's eight . In the following year , the Soviet eight was able to defend the title. At the Olympic Games in Moscow, the Soviet eighth lost to the eighth from the GDR, who won the silver medal at the 1978 and 1979 World Championships. At the rowing world championships from 1981 to 1986 , the Soviet eighth won each time, with Teroschyna being the only rowing woman in all seven titles. At the World Rowing Championships in 1987, the Romanians won ahead of the US rowers, Teroschyna won the bronze medal with the Soviet eighth. When she took part in the Olympics for the second time in 1988 in Seoul , Teroschyna sat in the Soviet four-man with a helmsman , who finished ninth.

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