Valentina Alexandrovna Shulina

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Valentina Alexandrovna Schu Lina until 1979 Valentina Alexandrovna Yermakova , ( Russian Валентина Александровна Жулина (Ермакова) ; * 15. June 1953 in Mumra , Astrakhan Oblast ) is a former Soviet rower .

The 1.76 m tall Valentina Yermakowa by Trud Astrachan won her first international medal at the 1974 World Championships when she finished second behind the GDR eight with the Soviet eight . At the 1978 World Championships , she rowed in the Soviet eight , which, after the boat from the GDR had won three victories, won the first title in this boat class for the Soviet Union. In the following year , the Soviet eight was able to defend the title. At the Olympic Games in Moscow, the Soviet eighth lost to the eighth from the GDR, who won the silver medal at the 1978 and 1979 World Championships.

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