Veronica Necula

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Veronica Necula in the 1980s

Veronica Necula (born May 15, 1967 in Târgovişte ) is a former Romanian rower who won two Olympic medals.

The 1.82 m tall Veronica Necula won the bronze medal in the double scull at the Junior World Championships in 1984 , and in 1985 she won the single . In 1986 she started in the adult class for the first time and took third place behind the boats from the USSR and the GDR at the 1986 World Rowing Championships with the Romanian eighth . The following year, she won the title in four with a taxwoman at the World Championships in Copenhagen together with Valentina Virlan , Marioara Traşcă , Adriana Bazon and taxwoman Ecaterina Oancia . All five rowers also won the gold medal in eighth.

At the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 , Veronica Necula won her preliminary run with the Romanian eighth in front of the boats from the GDR and the FRG. Four days later, Marioara Traşcă, Veronica Necula, Herta Anitaş , Doina Bălan and taxwoman Ecaterina Oancia started for the final in the four with taxwoman, whereby Necula and Anitaş had moved into the boat compared to the lead for Mihaela Armăşescu and Adriana Bazon. The boat from the GDR won ahead of the Chinese and Romanians. On the day after the four-man final, Ecaterina Oancia drove the eighth with the six rowers from the four and the Olympic champions in the two without helmsman Olga Homeghi and Rodica Arba in the Olympic final for silver behind the eight from the GDR.


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  1. According to the Olympic database Sports-Reference, Veronica Necula was also present at the 1992 Olympic Games. But this is probably a confusion with Viorica Neculai .