Two with a helmsman

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Two with a helmsman
Daniel Lyons and Robert Espeseth of the US Olympic rowing team.JPEG
Officially 2+ Coxed pair
length approx. 10 m
Minimum weight 32 kg
Olympic boat class
Men 1900, from 1920 to 1992
World best times (2000 m)
Men: 6: 33.26 (August 29, 2014 in Amsterdam ( Bosbaan ))
Flag of New Zealand.svg Eric Murray , Hamish Bond , Stm. Caleb Shepherd

The two-man with helmsman (abbreviation 2+ ) is a boat class in rowing . In the boat there are two rowers who each drive the boat with a belt and a helmsman . The boat class is also shortened to two-person with or somewhat derisively referred to as "water taxi". Since the elimination of the two men with men from the Olympic program after 1992, the importance of the boat class has declined sharply.

The two-man with is technically just as demanding to row as the two without a helmsman . This is mainly due to the difficulty of maintaining balance: rowing boats are kept in balance by the oars. In twos , each rower is solely responsible for one side and must therefore harmonize well with his partner. In addition, both rowers must precisely coordinate the course of the stroke, otherwise the boat will not go straight. However, this problem is less pronounced than with the two-man without , as the helmsman can compensate for minor irregularities.


The rowers in (unlimited) twos with a helmsman do not have to adhere to a weight limit, and as a lightweight variant, the boat class never played a role. Even for women, the two-man was never part of the international regatta program. The classic competition route in two with a helmsman corresponds to the Olympic distance of 2000 m.

The material and construction of the boat are similar to those of typical racing rowing boats. The boat is about 10 meters long, about 37 cm wide at the waterline and weighs at least 32 kg. An outrigger is attached to the boat on each side of the boat . In modern designs of the boat class, the helmsman is usually positioned lying in front for reasons of optimal weight distribution.

In addition to the described boat class also the exist from the kind of two generally the coxless pair (2-) and the Double Sculls (2x). The two-without , like the two-with, is a belt boat class, as such, because of the absence of the helmsman, a little faster and far more important than the two-with . The double scull is a scull boat without a helmsman, the fastest class of the double. In recreational and touring rowing, the two-man with helmsman plays a role as a sculling boat, but is then referred to as a gig double scull .


The two-man with the men was part of the Olympic rowing regatta in 1900 and from 1920 to 1992 and was a popular and important boat class at that time. In the course of the introduction of lightweight boat classes, the two-man with helmsman was canceled and since then has also been reported less frequently at rowing world championships . At the world championships, mostly athletes were registered who did not make the jump into the Olympic boat classes two-without , four-without or eight or who come from the junior division. After the four-man with helmsman was deleted from the program of the rowing world championships in 2009 , the two-man became somewhat more popular again. After the 2017 World Championships , the General Assembly of the World Rowing Association deleted the class from the program, which was redesigned as part of the gender equality of the competition classes.


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