Lidija Arsentjewna Averyanova

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Lidija Arsentjewna Awerjanowa ( Russian Лидия Арсентьевна Аверьянова ; born March 4, 1960 in Kazan ) is a former Soviet rower and three-time world champion in the eight .

The 1.80 m tall Lidija Averianova rowed in the Soviet eighth from 1983. She won her first world title at the world championships in Duisburg in 1983 . In 1984 she was due to the Olympic boycott not at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles to attend. At the World Championships in 1985 in Hazewinkel and 1986 in Nottingham , she again won the title with the Soviet eighth. In 1987 at the World Championships in Copenhagen, the Romanians won ahead of the US rowers, while Averianova won the bronze medal with the Soviet eighth. At her only Olympic participation in 1988 in Seoul , Averianova rowed with the Soviet eighth to fourth place. In 1989 she competed at the World Championships in Bled in a foursome without a helmsman and took seventh place.

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  1. According to SportsReference, she was born in Kinderi, a city that is not mentioned in the list of cities in the Republic of Tatarstan . According to Wikidata, she was born in Kazan.