Karl Friedemann (soccer player)

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Karl Friedemann (born November 9, 1924 - January 2016 ) was a German soccer player. In 1949 and 1950 he played for ZSG Altenburg in the league or major league of the German Sports Committee (DS) , the highest soccer league in the GDR .

Athletic career

The DS League was played in the 1949/50 season with 14 teams, including the Central Sports Association from Altenburg . Their squad included striker Karl Friedemann, who turned 25 in November 1949. He played all 26 league games and with his eight goals became the top scorer of the ZSG. He was also in the relegation game for relegation with the Altenburg team, which ZSG won 3-2 over ZSG Anker Wismar . Friedemann was involved in the victory with two goals. For the 1950/51 season, the DS League was renamed the Oberliga, as the second-rate GDR league started at the same time . The Altenburger ZSG still had their striker Friedemann in the squad. But this played only nine league games by the eleventh game day, in which he scored four goals. After that he was no longer used until the end of the season. In Altenburg's third first division season, in which they competed as BSG Stahl, Friedemann did not play in the top division. Since the BSG landed on a relegation zone at the end of the 1951/52 season, it started in the GDR league in 1952/53, now under the name BSG Motor. Friedemann appeared again, but was only used in 15 of the 24 GDR league games, but was back on the list of goalscorers with three hits. For the 28-year-old, after 35 league games with twelve goals and 15 appearances in the GDR league with three goals, it was the last season in GDR-wide football matches. He also played four games for the Thuringia selection.


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