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The dialect of Schweinfurt or Schweinfurt is used in Schweinfurt and the surrounding area. It belongs to the East Franconian dialect and here again to the subdialect of Lower East Franconia . The Schweinfurt relay line limits the area of ​​the Schweinfurt dialect in the west.

Today the Schweinfurt dialect is almost meaningless within the core city , with a population of almost 50% migration background and 125 nationalities. But even earlier the dialect was less pronounced in the city than in the surrounding area. Historically, the Schweinfurt dialect was the language of the simpler people, the workers in the city and farmers in the area. Furthermore, the language of long-established originals to which figures from columns in the Schweinfurter Tagblatt were linked, such as s' Schorschle meent or the Rosl von der Keßlergass . The educated class spoke and speaks High German , with varying degrees of or hardly any Franconian sound coloring, as the Schweinfurt dialect, which sometimes sounds very hearty, is considered crude .

Schweinfurt dialect

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The area of ​​the Schweinfurt dialect is relatively central in the East Franconian dialect area, which is marked on the right map in red and on the far right map with the writing Frängisch and here again Schweinfurt with Schwainfodd (Schweinfurterisch: Schweifert ). The western subdialect Lower East Franconian is shown here in yellowish to light brown surface colors. It extends between the northeastern border of Baden-Württemberg near Würzburg ( Wäzburch ) and the Rennsteig , the ridge of the Thuringian Forest . Schweinfurt lies in the middle of Lower East Franconia and, together with the Würzburg area on the southwestern edge, forms another subdialect zone. This is shown on the far right in the surface color ocher and has recently been referred to in public as "Meefränkisch" (also Meefränggisch ). Not to be confused with Mainfränkisch , which covers a much larger area.


Schweinfurt dialect

The Schweinfurt dialect is limited as follows:

  • To the west of the Schweinfurt relay line and the identical Stum / Stube line (high German: Stube )
  • In the north of the Schweinfurt relay line
  • To the east of the grave field line
  • In the south there is a smooth transition towards the more distant Ochsenfurt area

Bold font: Schweinfurt dialect

The Schweinfurt relay line runs close to the city and follows the western territorial border of the former imperial city of Schweinfurt. (see also: lower map)

Bamberg barrier

Landwehrgraben in the area of ​​the Sichelsee near Augsfeld

Not far behind the Grabfeld line, only 23 km east of Schweinfurt, is the Bamberg barrier, also known as the Steigerwald barrier or sometimes called the Schweinfurt Staffel . This runs in the Main Valley east of the Haßfurt district of Augsfeld am Landwehrgraben . It lies south of the Main between Knetzgau and Sand am Main, just 3 km to the east . It is the border to Bamberg , the so-called Mee / Ma line (high German: Main ). And above all the border between the two large East Franconian subdialacts, the Lower East Franconian ( Lower Franconia ) and Upper East Franconian ( Upper and Middle Franconia ) and on top of that the border between two South German names for the same profession, the Spengler / Flaschner line. It is also the western border of beer Franconia . This important dialect and cultural border runs through eastern Lower Franconia and is historically founded. It was the border between the Würzburg monastery to the west and the Bamberg monastery to the east .

While the border between the two administrative districts of Lower Franconia and Upper Franconia, 15 km further east, is meaningless in this regard. Which is why the (linguistic) dialect names Unterfränkisch or Unterostfränkisch neither here in the east nor in the west coincide with the administrative district of Lower Franconia, but are both more narrowly limited. The Landwehrgraben as a real symbol of a “language” and cultural border across a political district can be compared on a small scale with the Swiss Röstigraben .

Bold font: Schweinfurt dialect or job title in Schweinfurt


Typical characteristics

The dialect differentiations are, like many other things in Franconia, very confusing. Which is why in Schweinfurt, in contrast to the Würzburg and Bamberg area, Franconian dialect names are negated: one does not speak Franconian of any kind, but Schweinfurt . A noticeable difference to the rest of Lower East Franconia is the plural formation with the ending lich , instead of li ; z. B. for high German little house not domestic but Häusli . Another typical feature is the n in the ending: z. B. Stollen (bread) - instead of Stolle , as at least in parts of the Würzburg area, with already slight Rhine-Franconian influences.


The Schweinfurt and Würzburg dialects are the only German dialects to give up fixed infinitive endings and are similar to English here .

The shortest form of “Do you have an egg left?” Occurs in the Schweinfurt dialect: Did you e Ä ü?

Typical for Schweinfurterisch is the sequence of many consonants in direct succession, e.g. B. six at Sennfldd ( Sennfeld ).

Food and drink play an important role in Schweinfurt, which is also reflected in the dialect, not far from the border between wine francs and beer francs - there are hardly more festivals anywhere else.

Error in the language atlas of Lower Franconia

Territories at the end of the Old Kingdom:
Yellow: Reichsstadt Schweinfurt (Protestant).
Beige: Reichsdörfer (Protestant).
Braun: Imperial Knightships (Protestant).
Green: Counts of Schönborn (Catholic).
Red: German Order ( Brönnhof ).
Rosa: Hochstift Würzburg (Catholic) and various mandates

The linguistic atlas of Lower Franconia covers the linguistic geography of the dialects of Lower Franconia . It is part of the Bavarian language atlas company Bayerischer Sprachatlas . The research project has existed at the University of Würzburg since 1989 .

The ... Lich / ... li -line (eg. Homebody / Häusli ; see above) is incorrect in the Linguistic Atlas, north drawn from Schweinfurt, with the assignment of the city to the ending ... li , but during the ending ... is characteristic of the Schweinfurt dialect. In the map of the language atlas, Schweinfurt is in the southern Würzburg area and the border between it and the northern Würzburg area runs in a west-east direction through the northern Schweinfurt suburb area and through the middle of the former imperial city area, where the Schweinfurt dialect is of course spoken everywhere. In addition, this line runs across the north-south Schweinfurt relay line, which, however, limits the Schweinfurt dialect in the west and also follows the boundaries of the imperial city territory (see right).

When the Schweinfurts were assigned to the southern Würzburg area , the lack of a scientific lobby or university in Schweinfurt could have played a role or even the rivalry between the two cities.

Dictionary Schweinfurterisch – German

Roland Weger

Roland Weger created a dictionary of Schweinfurterisch German . A larger part of the list below was taken from him.

Words, idioms and nicknames

  • Ächele - squirrel
  • all the time - at the moment
  • awä - down
  • Babberdeggl - cardboard lid
  • baddschen - chat
  • Baddscher - electrocution
  • Baddsnfeld - Sennfeld (nickname, derived from Bad Sennfeld)
  • At the Hünd - Cynological Club
  • Berch - Bergrheinfeld
  • Bfeifedeggl - everything is free
  • bfiddsn - run
  • Bfläns - nonsense
  • Bflunnsn - fat girl or woman
  • Bförds - nonsense
  • Bimblwichtich - busybody
  • Blechbaddscher - Spengler
  • Bloods - onion pie
  • Bobbele - baby
  • Bosdblads - Georg-Wichtermann-Platz
  • bridscherbred - very broad
  • Brunskaddler - substitute for Schafkopf
  • brunsverregg - oh my goodness
  • there - at home
  • derhuddsn - fatal accident due to driving too fast
  • of chamber lass 1 - first class, excellent, outstanding
  • Diddlhädsch - Dittelbrunn
  • The Sweden - SKF Swedish ball bearing factories
  • Duchenachdli - pansies
  • Dummbeudl - fool
  • e bissle - a little
  • Elefantenbuckel 2 - weir between the main and tributary of the Main
  • emm end - at the end
  • he guggd like ächele - he looks stupid
  • Fischerree - Fischerrain (old fishing district)
  • Greenhouse 3 - City Gallery
  • Pinched - Bratwurst in rolls
  • gläbbsdes? - do you think that is possible?
  • Gnörz Greek - get blows
  • Gööger - Hahn
  • Goggsum - Gochsheim
  • Grämbfbeudl - show-off
  • Grettscht - Grettstadt
  • Gschdegg - brat
  • Gschiss - effort
  • do you have a saw? - close the door!
  • Hafn - urban area south of the Main
  • to marry - to marry
  • hinflaggn - lie down
  • Hoarding - Kaufhof
  • Hundsverregger - bad person
  • Kärm - parish fair
  • Kufi - FAG Kugelfischer (now Schaeffler AG)
  • Kümmerli - small pickles
  • Leo - Leopoldina Hospital
  • Lingsdaj - left-handed
  • Lüchebeudl - Liar & former weather station at the town hall
  • do bloos kee Bförz - just don't make a fuss
  • Mee - Main
  • Meebrunser - swear word for Schweinfurters
  • Mo - man
  • Mostgööger - reveler , especially at autumn festivals with young wine
  • nei die Hadergass come - go to jail
  • Don't go down Kesslergass - beg
  • no go - die
  • neileuchdn - to drink
  • Öllers - head
  • Rafld - Grafenrheinfeld
  • Roddbann - wheelbarrow (v. Late mhd. Robāter corporal )
  • Red Square 4 - market square at Deutschhof
  • Soot - intoxication
  • Saubankert - bad person
  • schbachdln - eat a lot
  • scold - scold
  • Schlagg - rogue
  • Schläichl - sledge hammer
  • schmaddsn - fall down
  • Schnüdl - 1. FC Schweinfurt 05 & outside the city also name for Schweinfurters
  • schöbbln - drink a bottle
  • chocolate - throw
  • Schüü - shoes
  • Schwaam - Schwebheim
  • Schweifert - Schweinfurt
  • Seffdl - simpleton
  • Sennfldd - Sennfeld
  • Sunday , Sunday
  • Stölli - long bread roll (Schrippe)
  • Sulln - bitch
  • Üchtlstücht (short form: Stücht ) - Üchtelhausen
  • unner - our
  • Urschel - clumsy woman
  • Excitable - toddlers
  • Villa Rosa 5 - Schweinfurt correctional facility
  • weddsn - run
  • Weißer Riese - residential high-rise on John-F-Kennedy-Ring
  • Zementrum 6 - Rückert-Center

1 Analogous to basst scho in the Nuremberg dialect
2 Because of the profile of the dam
3 Because of the 230-meter-long three-dimensional glass roof
4 Because of the population center of Russian Germans
5 Because of the reddish exterior paint that was retained during the renovation in 2003 and 2006 due to the nickname
6 Because of the curtain wall Concrete façade, which during the renovation from 2010 u. a. was redesigned because of the nickname


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