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Karl Weingand (born December 5, 1882 in Strasbourg , † September 15, 1969 in Stuttgart ) was a German banker and model maker .


Karl Weingand did an apprenticeship as a banker and worked in this profession until his retirement in 1948. In 1914 he married Emma Schliz from Tettnang († 1956), with whom he had five children.

The couple built the model from Old Stuttgart, which was presented in 1955 at the state exhibition at Killesberg. In 1956, the city of Heilbronn commissioned Karl Weingand to make a model of the city for a fee of 40,000 DM by the end of 1961. In 1963, the completed model was shown in the foyer of the town hall extension on Lohtorstrasse, and from 1976 in the Deutschhof . It is now in the House of City History .

Weingand made several hundred paper cuts, some of which are in the Heilbronn City Archives . For his 125th birthday, some of them were presented in a staircase exhibition in the Heilbronn City Archives in 2007/08.


Weingand's Heilbronn city model is mentioned in several recent Heilbronn city history publications with reference to its originator, for example by Christhard Schrenk in Von Helibrunna to Heilbronn or in Heilbronn historical! Developing a city on the river . In 2005, the filmmaker Hajo Baumgärtner created a virtual city walk through Heilbronn around 1800 for the history exhibition in the city archive using a mini camera through the city model of Karl and Emma Weingand.

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